Petra Boomsma

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6999 DE Hummelo, Gelderland


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English bio

Petra is the founder of SoulFlow Yoga, based in Hummelo, in the middle-east part of the Netherlands. Through mindfulness meditation, yoga and training, she invites people to live life from within and to hold the balance between inner and outer world.


Her love for spirituality and a holistic approach on wellbeing and health awakened during her late teens and while studying Health Sciences at Maastricht University. Since that time she went on discovering bodywork and energetic healing and became a massage and shiatsu therapist.


In 2007, Petra got the chance to follow a workshop and course on mindfulness meditation based on the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn. This opened a whole new way of self-exploration and reflection. She discovered that mindfulness is all about keeping in contact with yourself and to stay open, aware and centered to whatever you encounter in the present moment. Inside or outside yourself. To her a beautiful approach to life.


After giving birth to her second daughter in 2010, Petra suffered from pain in her back which made her go to her first yoga class. She thought it might help release some of the pain, but surprisingly something else happened. Not only did she really love to practice, beyond expectation yoga fluently joined the path of meditation. It was very clear that it was there to stay. While she became a mindfulness trainer herself, she also felt a growing desire to learn more of the backgrounds and philosophy of yoga. Ultimately she decided to sign up for a teacher training in 2013 with Kenny Graham and Tony Giuliano, finding yoga in all its aspects resonating deeply to her heart, mind and overall view on life. And yoga became a lifestyle to her.


In all that she offers, Petra brings kindness and challenge together. From an open heart she works intuitively and in respect to the people coming her way. In trainings and yoga classes she likes to combine metaphors and philosophy, mixed with music and singing a mantra now and then. She believes that yoga is a good way of taking care of your body, but also considers it as a beautiful portal to heal mind, heart and soul. Just like in meditation, working with the body can create greater awareness, which is key to change and a more conscious lifestyle.


In daily life, Petra lives together and is a happy mother of two young girls. She loves to travel and meet new people and places. Her background includes a master’s degree in Health Sciences with a specialisation in clinical psychology and she has worked for over ten years as a psychologist and group trainer in an organisation for mental health care.


Petra deeply values the right to shine our light, therefore striving to let her heart and soul be the guide to flow with life and to create space for others to do the same.